• This chart may be used as a guideline for determining helmet sizing.
  • To measure your correct helmet size, measure the circumference of your head, (like a headband) about 2.5cm above your eyebrows and just above your ears. Match your centimetre measurement to the chart below. If you happen to be between sizes, choose the next larger size.
  • Your helmet should fit snugly on your head similar to a cap, but be fairly firm on the cheeks as they will bed in after a short period of time.
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Sizing Tips

Your helmet fit is not only critical to the comfort and enjoyment of your helmet, it also plays a critical role in the performance of your helmet in the event of a collision. Never purchase or wear a helmet without ensuring a snug fit. There are several methods and tricks to size a helmet. HJC recommends the following method.

  1. Start with a helmet size you think will fit according to your measurements.
  2. Put the helmet on by grasping the chin strap in each hand and pulling it on over your ears until you feel the top portion of the helmet touch. If the helmet immediately feels too tight, ie; your head does not touch the top of the helmet, you cannot pull the helmet down over your ears, or is painful, try the next size larger.
  3. Once you have found a helmet that feels comfortable and snug, you must assure that it is not too loose. To do so, with the chin strap securely fastened (see chin strap diagram) grasp the helmet chin bar firmly with one hand and try to move the helmet from side to side and up and down. If the helmet slides on your skin and hair, it is too large. If your scalp and skin want to move with the helmet, the fit is snug.
  4. Finally, while still grasping the chin bar, try to rotate the helmet as far down and forward as possible then as far backward as possible. If the helmet feels as if it might slide off in either direction, the helmet is either too big or the chin strap was not securely fastened. Additional note; HJC has a wide range of helmet sizes, but if for whatever reason you cannot find a HJC helmet to fit your head size or shape securely, keep looking.